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Telemarketing is often delivered as a knee-jerk reaction to a shift in operating profit.  ‘Sales are down, let’s hit the phones’.

Seen as a quick fix to get cash flow and customers flooding through the door, the importance of careful planning and preparation of strategic, intelligent telemarketing activity is regularly overlooked. 

This sporadic approach to business development provides inconsistent results and no real opportunity to measure the longer-term benefits of what has the potential to be an excellent element of your sales success.

Effective telemarketing, could be your hidden ingredient.

Like cakes, if you miss out on quality ingredients to create progressive telemarketing, your sales will refuse to rise.  Be clear on the outcome you want your activity to achieve and what it will take to get there. 

Knowing how many calls you need to make before you get an appointment and what your average sales conversion rate and value of new business is, will give you a realistic indication of the investment you will need to make in terms of both time and money.  By following the right recipe, you will know what is needed and how long it will take to get measurable results for your business.

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