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Why you need a good ear for telemarketing.

Put most business owners in front of a potential customer and they are brilliant at selling their company. But ask them to pick up the phone and do the same and it’s a different story!

In a face to face meeting we tend to rely on a range of non-verbal cues that tell us whether we’re hitting the right notes – or getting it wrong. All those nods, smiles, hand gestures and body language are critical in helping us to modify our communication and build rapport. So being asked to introduce your business over the phone, without all the visual feedback to help you along, can be a daunting prospect for even the most experienced among us.

So why is it that many people in business still view telemarketing as a fairly low skilled task, one that is best suited to the more junior members of a team?

A badly delivered telemarketing call is at best a waste of time, and at worst – can damage the brand and reputation of your business.

That’s why it’s so important to have the right people on the end of the phone – who can have real conversations with your prospects and build human connections in a world where digital communication tends to dominate.  So what’s special about these people and what can you learn from them to improve your own efforts? Well they tend to have a high degree of emotional intelligence – the ability to pick up on subtle cues in the conversation that help them to work out how the prospect is reacting and how best to build rapport. They tend to be good at matching the pace and timbre of their speech to the person and situation they are dealing with.

They ask relevant questions, allow time for the prospect to reply, whilst giving enough verbal nods to keep things moving without sounding insincere. They use different questioning techniques to gather relevant information in a way that doesn’t feel like an interrogation. Above all, they are excellent listeners – and they really do listen, rather than just waiting to talk. They understand when to move forward, when to offer more information, and most importantly when to back off. Rome wasn’t built in a day after all and even the best telemarketing call can’t short circuit your sales cycle. What it can do however, is move your prospects through to the next stage of the sales funnel at the optimum speed.

When you combine these skills with professionalism, knowledge and experience, it’s a powerful combination and can deliver real and measurable results for your business development.

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