At the heart of every marketing campaign, whether telemarketing, email marketing or direct mail, is a high quality data set.

Whether your data is a bought in prospect file, a list of prospects stored on a CRM database or your prospects kept on an Excel spreadsheet, WhisperTree can help you put it to best use.


If you need specialist data for a targeted marketing or lead generation campaign, we can source highly profiled data lists from our trusted data suppliers.

Investing in high quality data is strongly advisable as a first step of your campaign. Leave it to WhisperTree to source it for you.


Over time, customer and prospect data may become out of date as people change jobs or change their contact details for various reasons.

To ensure it’s kept clean, use WhisperTree’s data cleansing service to verify your contact lists. We’ll check each contact and where possible replace out-of-date details with current information.


Once you’ve got your target contact list, WhisperTree can assist you in carrying out email marketing campaigns.

We can write your marketing messages, help you develop your offers and call to action, and set up your personalised email campaign.

Putting your email marketing in the hands of experts is a cost-effective and time saving option that will yield results.

Contact WhisperTree about any of our data services on 01948 770190 or email

"WhisperTree have run several out bound campaigns for our clients and we have always found their results positive, intelligent and successful."

Helen Gould

MD, PA4You Ltd
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